Welcome to the Medical Geography And Population Health Spatial Analytics Lab (MAPS).

The MAPS Lab is housed within the Department of Geography at Temple University, Philadelphia, PA. The Lab team, under the leadership of Dr. Kevin Henry, includes graduate and undergraduate students interested in the fields of medical and health geography.

The lab primarily focuses on applying spatial analysis and statistical approaches for describing and understanding place-based and geographic disparities in health and disease, with a specific emphasis on applied geographic methods and the role geographic factors play on cancer outcomes and prevention.

Information for Prospective Graduate Students

I expect to accept a PhD. student for entry in Fall 2024. I look for potential graduate students who have professional experiences, a strong academic record, quantitative skills, and an interest in pursuing research in medical/health geography that are generally aligned with the lab’s research. 

I am also looking for a post-doc to work on NIH and DOD funded projects. 1 to 2 year position. 

I encourage you to reach out to me early and be prepared to answer the following questions:

  • why are you interested in graduate school?
  • what are your long-term goals and how do you see graduate school supporting those goals?
  • what do you hope to get out of your grad school experience?
  • why, specifically, are you interested in working with me?

Undergraduate Research Opportunities

We often have opportunities for undergrads to participate in our research projects, to do summer internships in the field, or to develop an independent study project.  Please contact Dr. Henry (  if you are interested in getting involved.