Kevin Henry





Daniel Wiese, PhD

Graduated May 2021, Currently Senior scientist in the Cancer Disparities Research program at the American Cancer Society (ACS) (BIO)

Adjunct Professor, Temple University 



Veronica Gomes, M.A.

Doctoral Student (4th year)


Past Lab Members 

Nathaniel Thomas Shaw (Undergraduate 2024)*CLA LAURA SCHOLAR 

Madelyn L Bower (Undergraduate 2024)

Thomas Stewart (Undergraduate, 2021)

Cesar Stoddard (Graduate Student, PSM, 2020)

William Tagliamonte (Undergraduate 2019-2020)*CLA LAURA SCHOLAR 

Julia Albertson (Undergraduate, 2020)

Emma P Baylor (Undergraduate, 2019)

Jin Xu (Graduate Student, MA, 2018)

Jacob Bouffard (Undergraduate, 2016)

Molley Mattes (Undergraduate, 2018)

Quinn Heath (Undergraduate, 2018)

Noelle Vought  (Undergraduate, 2017)

Julia K Wolanski (Graduate Student, PSM, 2017)

Allison L. Swiecki-Sikora (Medical Student, 2016)

Julie K Premo  (Undergraduate, 2015)

Jenna Nicole Pinto (Undergraduate 2022) *CLA LAURA SCHOLAR 

Chanmi Lee (Graduate Student 2020-2023)

Kelly Simon  (Undergraduate 2021) *CLA LAURA SCHOLAR