1. Incorporating Residential Histories into Space-Time Models for Health Geographic Analysis


This research project will develop and test new spatial statistical methods for health and disease mapping that incorporate residential history data. These statistical methods will enable researchers to assess risk of chronic diseases, such as cancer, and other health outcomes, such as pre-term births, as a function of the geographic-specific exposures associated with residential history. The new statistical methods will provide researchers with a robust and powerful tool for using residential histories when they test hypotheses about geographic exposures over time and space and their impacts on health and disease. The project will increase basic understanding of the amount of information bias introduced when residential histories are ignored.

Funding: National Science Foundation


Project Team

Kevin Henry
Daniel Wiese (Doctoral Student)
Antoinette Stroup (Associate Professor, Rutgers University)
Slobadan Vucetic (Professor, Temple University)
Aniruddha Maiti (Doctoral Student)